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Title: Shadow of the Legacy 

Author: Genie Gabriel


Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Excerpt Heat Level: 1

Book Heat Level: 2


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BLURB: Shadow of the Legacy


A letter from his dead father and a confession of killing a woman throws a shadow of suspicion over the life of an easy-going cop. When he returns to his hometown to find the truth, he discovers secrets that have held the town hostage for decades, danger that threatens his life, and love with a woman determined to be no more than friends.



EXCERPT: Shadow of the Legacy


Rochelle closed her eyes and drew a deep breath, then moved into her warm-up

routine. She hadn't had the time to do any kick-boxing for awhile, but already her body hummed in anticipation of the challenge. 


Johnny was not her opponent, but the cancer that had invaded her body. No battle was more important than this one. No prize more vital: her life. 


Her first moves were simple. A few easy punches before she bobbed and danced away, though there was no need for defense as Johnny threw no punches. If only the disease was as yielding. Instead it had snuck up and attacked without warning. Rochelle jabbed with her right hand and followed with a punch from her left. 


Adrenaline pumped through Rochelle's body as the familiar moves flexed and worked her muscles, and brought a smile to her face. Then she lifted first one knee and the other, followed by a series of alternating punches. Right, left, right.


Rochelle drew a deep breath and blew it out, already feeling winded less than ten minutes into sparring and hating that weakness. 


She pushed herself to throw the momentum of her body into a right cross, then spun around to deliver a one-two kick before bouncing away on the balls of her feet. 


She moved toward Johnny again, throwing another flurry of kicks and punches, feeling the heat in her body and fighting the fatigue slowly creeping over her.


"Let's take a break." Johnny caught her in a clinch. 


Rochelle shook her head and moved away, throwing another right hook that fell wide of Johnny's head. 


A vision of the damning spots in the x-rays filled her head, and Rochelle delivered another combination of kicks to Johnny's mid-section. In her mind, the lumps dissolved a little more each time she made contact. 


She threw a knee, followed by a side-kick, and another spot disappeared from her mind's eye. Rabbit punches with her right hand eliminated a few more. 


Rochelle kicked and punched until the vision in her head was clear of spots and fatigue was claiming her body, sapping her energy as it spread from her arms, down her torso, and turned her feet to leaden weights. She fell against Johnny in a clinch, and he supported her as her body went limp. Spent and sweaty, Rochelle surrendered to the exhaustion claiming her.







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Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Sumatran Rat by Joanna Campbell Slan

 Please welcome Joanna Campbell Slan author of  Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Sumatran Rat

Joanna Campbell Slan will be awarding a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC  to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Sumatran Rat

byJoanna Campbell Slan




GENRE  fantasy suspense






The world was not prepared for this story, a conspiracy hatched in the highest levels of the British government. A rogue Minister of Defense plans to turn soldiers into blood-thirsty animals—and Holmes and Watson may be among their first victims.

The adventure starts when Holmes is warned away from investigating Jack the Ripper’s heinous crimes. Despite Holmes’ well known skills, he is sidelined. He must content himself with a straightforward case, finding a bolting beau, the result of a simple lovers’ quarrel.

But that “romance gone wrong” is really the key to a nasty secret with tendrils reaching all the way to a Sumatran island. That’s where four castaways made a difficult decision. They turned their backs on a society that sent them packing and allowed themselves to be infected with a deadly virus. After all, they never expected to ever come home again… And they certainly never expected to be considered lethal weapons! Can Holmes and Watson stop them from being used for evil purposes?

This fast-paced adventure will take Holmes and Watson from the dregs of London to its noble heights. The two friends will travel from Bedlam, the hospital for the insane, to stately Windsor Park. Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Sumatran Rat is a fast-paced thrill ride that’s sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. If you like historical thrillers with a hint of the supernatural, you’ll love this series. Each book stays true to Sherlock Holmes and his faithful friend, John Watson, whilst featuring a cast of real people and issues pertinent to the times.







“You’ve done an admirable job keeping details of these murders out of the press,” observed Sherlock Holmes, ignoring the man interrupting his investigation. “Is that fair, Lestrade? Don’t people need to know that a beast roams the streets? That an animal who preys on young women is loose among us? Wouldn’t it be fair to warn everyone, but especially young women, to go out and about with caution?”


Lestrade said, “They aren’t but prostitutes, so don’t worry yourselves much. The East End is full of them. You can’t toss a rock and not hit one. Disgusting, I say. I ought to lock up the lot of them.”


Holmes turned narrowed eyes on Lestrade. “Yes, but only if you lock up their customers, too. Look at her! She can scarcely weigh eight stone! Do you honestly think she enjoys selling herself to the highest bidder? Does she look like she’d had an easy life? What say you? Can you see the slightest hint that she had something to look forward to, given how gaunt she is and how dirty, except merely surviving one more day? And now some heinous wretch has taken even that away from her. Jack the Ripper, indeed! If he killed her with one quick blow, smiting her senseless, then he’d be an angel of mercy, I’d warrant. But he did not. He played with her as a cat does a mouse. Only a few East End residents live beyond that tender age of thirty, and so this young woman was not allotted much more time here anyway!”







AUTHOR Bio and Links:


New York Timesand USA Todaybestselling author Joanna Campbell Slan has penned more than 40 books. She writes four mystery series and has won the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence for her historical romance. Visit her at

Follow her on social media by going here


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Joanna Campbell Slan will be awarding a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC  to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. 

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Rogue's Angels Present: Songs Of Autumn by Lauren Sevier

 Please welcome Lauren Sevier author of Songs Of Autumn

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Songs Of Autumn

by Lauren Sevier




GENRE: YA Fantasy




Interview Questions for Rogue's Angels 
1. What or who inspired you to start writing?

My son. He’s the reason I do everything, like all parents I’m sure. My husband and I struggled with infertility for many years and when he was born the stress and pressures of being a new mom along with dealing with Post-Partum Anxiety really highlighted some parts of my life that just weren’t working. I had been struggling with my identity as a woman and as a mother; I was re-evaluating my purpose in life. I realized that all of these things I wanted for my son, for him to live a life that made him happy and fulfilled him, for him to never compromise on his dreams, for him to never be afraid to put himself out there, those were things I should want for myself too. After all, he’s learning to be a person by watching my example. So, I made the decision to go after my dreams recklessly and make sure I enjoyed every part of the journey getting there. It’s because of him that I gave myself permission to try. To fail. To try again.   

2. What elements are necessary components for this genre?

What I love about YA Fantasy and Fantasy as a genre in general is that there are a ton of rules, and the best books break them all. Fantasy is pure imagination; any element of reality can be twisted, uprooted, or downright destroyed in the context of the world an author is creating. I love authors in this genre who takes stories we think we know and turn them on their head. So in my humble opinion the only element really needed to write fantasy, is imagination. 

3. How did you come up with your idea for your novel?

The main conflict throughout the series is a direct parallel to climate crisis. Living in Louisiana, right on the gulf coast and seeing the increasing ferocity of hurricanes and flooding due to climate crisis this is a theme I’ve wanted to explore in fiction for a while. While the Kingdom of Aegis is experiencing adverse effects from dwindling magick (a natural resource that fuels the natural processes of the world, and has almost run out), we suffer from a similar problem. Too many greenhouse gases, the destruction of the wetlands, and many other factors have started causing storms and floods to become life threatening events. Just this year Lake Charles, Louisiana was devastated by Hurricane Laura and in 2016 we had ‘the thousand year flood’ that destroyed the homes and lives of people all over the state who’d never experienced the effects of storm season before. These are real fears that I’ve lived with my entire life, but that have worsened in recent years.   

4. What expertise did you bring to your writing?

Expertise implies that I feel like I’m an expert at anything and I try really hard not to be. Let me explain. Part of what I love about the writing process and publishing industry is there is always a new perspective to consider, or another genre or writing style to dive into; you’re constantly learning new techniques. It’s a journey, not a destination. That’s part of the beauty of becoming an author. There’s no end to your growth. It’s not about just one book that you’ve written but your body of work, and hopefully I just keep getting better with time. Like a fine wine. 

5. What would you want your readers to know about you that might not be in your bio?

I’m terminally goofy. I mean, to the point that co-workers look at me funny throughout the day. I love to joke and laugh, which is something that the serious themes of my book may not always convey. When I finish a manuscript whether it’s two in the morning or the middle of the day, I do this stupid victory dance. Lots of fist raising and pelvic thrusts, but it makes me happy. I don’t really get embarrassed easily and will be the first person to don a fun colored wig or terrible fake accent to get a smile out of someone.

6. As far as your writing goes, what are your future plans?

Songs Of Autumn is the first in a planned six book series, so currently I’m deep into developmental edits for Book #2 titled Songs Of Winter. Much to my husband’s chagrin (because I barely have time to function as it is) I also have several other working projects. One of which I’m writing currently with a Co-Author, A. Smith. It’s titled Guns & Smoke and is a Dystopian Western Romance that is dark and gritty, with wonderful heart. The two main characters are thrown together on a wild adventure outrunning bounty hunters and the traumas of their past, but eventually figure out that life should be about more than just surviving. I’m really excited to share this one with the world and we’re shooting for 2022 publication date. 

7. If you could be one of the characters from this book, who would it be and why?

I love this question!. Of all my characters, I think I’m the most like Tia. She’s impulsive and fun, but still very caring. She has this wonderful wild streak that I think I could have a lot of fun with. I like that she takes chances and wants to experience everything the world has to offer. She dances and drinks and falls in love recklessly. It’s a beautiful kind of reckless though. I also think Tia throws epic parties, and I’d love to just be invited to one.   

8. Can you give us a sneak peek into this book?

I would love to. I was really proud of this scene, where Liz is being prepared to be sacrificed. She’s essentially coming to terms with her own death while being draped in finery and opulence. The lyrical tone of the writing is intentional, because in their culture when someone dies their loved ones sing the song of their life, therefore allowing you into the Halls of the gods. All of the descriptions of her dress and jewelry are also intentional, metaphors for tears and sadness.  


The sunset over the bay was the most beautiful Liz had ever seen, but perhaps it's because she knew it would be the last. It set the sky aflame, burning deep into her memory. She wore pearls in her hair and a crown adorned with so many shimmering diamonds it appeared to be made from seawater and starlight itself. Every inch of her porcelain skin had been cleansed and massaged with lavender oil. An extravagant lamb, headed for slaughter.


The silk and lace of her wedding gown clung to the curves of her body and flowed like water around her as she moved. Her figure, too curvy to be considered fashionable, was squeezed into an acceptable shape by a corset inlaid with whale bones. Never had she been more radiant, her flame-like hair mirroring the sunset outside. 


A woman at the peak of her life, never more ready to begin, and it was her ending. 

9. Do you belong to a critique group? If so how does this help or hinder your writing?

I don’t belong to a critique group, but I’m a YouTube content creator and a proud member of AuthorTube, which is a small subsection of creators whose content is geared towards helping aspiring authors or sharing our experiences on YouTube. Through that community I’ve met other authors around the world and made friends I never would have met otherwise. Several of my critique partners, members of my ARC team, even editors and formatters I’ve met through networking and connections through that platform. It’s helped my writing so much to have authors in the same genre reading and critiquing my work. Especially authors who’ve been published before, they normally understand story structure, voice, and all kinds of other things that I wouldn’t have thought of before. Finding a good critique partner can be hard, but is the most valuable thing you can do in my opinion. 

10. When did you first decide to submit your work? Please tell us what or who encouraged you to take this big step?

I decided after the first draft was finished in December of 2018 that I would pursue this book to publication. It was after my son was born and the first manuscript I’d finished on my own. As a new mom I felt I had an obligation to chase after my dreams and lead my son by example. To show him that hard work and passion can help you achieve great things. I knew that this story was special and that I wanted to share it with the world. It was a terrifying decision, for sure, but also one that has led me to a ton of personal growth. Now, I’m wondering why I didn’t decide to publish sooner. 

11. What is the best and worst advice you ever received? (regarding writing or publishing)

The worst advice I’ve ever been given and some writing advice that is widely told to aspiring authors is ‘write every day’. I think that it’s harmful to perpetuate that kind of advice, especially in creative fields like writing or art. Surely you canwrite every day, but shouldyou? Writing is an act of creation that draws from inspiration, but you can’t draw on a well that’s empty. And every author has a different process, different boundaries, and different obstacles. Forcing yourself to write every day because that’s what popular authors or articles tell you is going to make you successful can be more detrimental than beneficial in my experience. I’d like to amend that advice to say ‘Work every day’. Research, reading, editing, outlining, connecting with other people with similar interests. These are all very important to the process too and will help you get closer to publishing your book. So if you miss a day of writing, give yourself some grace and try again tomorrow.  


The best advice I’ve ever been given was ‘Take breaks’. Anytime I feel myself starting to get burnt out or overwhelmed, I take a break. I go for a walk or spend time with my family. I read a new book or work on a completely different project. By the time I come back to my manuscript I’m invigorated, inspired, ready to dive in head first, and BONUS I can see the book more objectively than before which usually helps me puzzle through whatever I was stuck on. Staying healthy is just as important as writing someone’s next favorite book.   

12. Do you outline your books or just start writing?

Both! My process is a strange blend of both outlining and winging it. I always know where the story begins, the catalyst moment near the beginning that plunges the main character into the main plot, and the ending. Sometimes I’ll know a few things that happen along the way, but everything else just… sort of… happens. I love character driven plots, so I focus a lot of my before work on developing the characters and let a lot of their own natural motivations drive the story in the direction I need them to go. Let me tell you, that’s a fun way to write. I love not knowing each little plot bunny or curveball until it comes flying out of my fingertips. It does lend oneself to writing themselves into a corner or having to scrap a conversation or scene that isn’t working in the book as a whole but, I also feel it gives a more natural progression to the story than heavy outlining. 

13. How do you maintain your creativity?

I take lots of breaks. I said it before, but it’s true! I’ll take my son to the zoo or get out of the house. I like to shake up my routine when I’m feeling creatively blocked. Sometimes I’ll try a new medium. Poetry or song lyrics or a short story set in the same world but with a new character or in a different part of the world. Sometimes, I just take really long baths and drink wine and eat chocolate and sit with my thoughts. I’m convinced I’m at least part-mermaid because I usually get all my best ideas when I’m enjoying a long bubble bath.  

14. Who is your favorite character in the book. Can you tell us why?

My favorite/least favorite character in the book is the same character and for the same reason. Gareth. Gareth is what I affectionately refer to as a ‘magnet character’. He pulls focus from main characters and plots, and while I know all of my other characters inside and out, every day I’m discovering new things about him. He’s a complicated character with lots of layers and depth, which is equally as frustrating for an author as it is enticing. He’s reserved by nature and keeps things close to his chest, but has this innate nobility that I find confusing and so endearing. He’s the hardest character to write, but also the most satisfying. When I get a scene or piece of dialogue of his just right, it feels like a real accomplishment. He’s also my husband’s favorite character so, if I don’t do him justice I’ll never hear the end of it.  



What if your entire life you knew the exact day you were going to die?


Liz does.


Magick in the Kingdom of Aegis has almost run out. When that happens, the seasons will stop changing, the tides will cease to turn, and the sun will no longer be able to rise and set. The only way to save the lives of her people is if Liz agrees to be a blood sacrifice in a brutal ceremony that will take her life.


The problem is… Liz isn't ready to go.


With the help of a mischievous wanna-be soldier, Matioch Steele, Liz dares to take her fate into her own hands. Defying a blood-thirsty sorcerer, her desperate flight teaches her how to truly live while Mat finds out what's worth dying for. Each other.

Love, Death, Magick, and Mystery come together to weave one girl's epic tale of self-discovery.


Her song will echo within us all.






The sunset over the bay was the most beautiful Liz had ever seen, but perhaps it's because she knew it would be the last. It set the sky aflame,  burning deep into her memory. She wore pearls in her hair and a crown adorned with so many shimmering diamonds it appeared to be made from seawater and starlight itself. Every inch of her porcelain skin had been cleansed and massaged with lavender oil. An extravagant lamb, headed for slaughter.


The silk and lace of her wedding gown clung to the curves of her body and flowed like water around her as she moved. Her figure, too curvy to be considered fashionable, was squeezed into an acceptable shape by a corset inlaid with whale bones. Never had she been more radiant, her flame-like hair mirroring the sunset outside. 


A woman at the peak of her life, never more ready to begin, and it was her ending. 


“Tell me again,” She said firmly, adjusting the pins near her left ear. 


“Your highness, it doesn’t matter how-


“Tell me again.” She snapped, turning piercing blue eyes on Priestess Elba whose words fell away in an instant. Her breath hitched and her eyes fell to the mosaic beneath her feet.


“You’ll walk down the front steps of the palace to a boat waiting at the edge of the water. Your parents will walk behind you and all the people of Silver City will be there to witness your descent.” 


Liz closed her eyes tight, imagining it in her mind, biting her lower lip hard enough that she worried she would break the skin. If she prepared herself now, perhaps she could retain some dignity in these final moments.




AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Lauren Sevier lives a simple life in small town Walker, Louisiana with her family and two mischievous dogs. She’s a proud firefighter wife and mother to her miracle son, born through IVF after an eight-year battle with infertility. She works full-time for a non-profit hospital in Cardiology caring for the elderly and low-income families all over the state of Louisiana in satellite and outreach clinics. Writing and being in the service of helping others are her two passions in life.


She started writing song lyrics and poems on the front porch swing of her family home nestled amidst a 200-year-old pecan tree orchard that was once part of a Civil War plantation. She’s inspired the most by Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, and JK Rowling. Her background in Theatre introduced her to classic British literature, playwrights, and poets from a very young age. This helped her to understand story concepts, dramatization, and character development the way Shakespeare once did, as an actor.


Now her biggest inspiration for writing is her son who, like all children, learns by example. Lauren is determined to set a specific example for him; to live simply, work hard, and to never stop chasing her dreams. Because, one day, you just might catch them.



Links to Socials/Book










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Rogue's Angels Present: The Trey Parker Story by RW Reels

 Please welcome RW Reels author of The Trey Parker Story

The Trey Parker Story

byRW Reels




GENRE  Paranormal Thriller







The Trey Parker Story II: Case of the Lost Child, the second novel in this paranormal thriller series, will make readers keenly aware of the unseen world around them. After hiding away in a small farm town in the Philippines, Trey Parker is compelled to return to the States to assist Detective Landis in finding a lost child. Trey’s wife, Iris, fears that the secret government agency that monitored Trey since his Near-Death Experience and took the lives of the tenants of the Sundance Apartments will be waiting for him upon his arrival. Iris believes Trey leaving so close to her due date is reckless and that he is oblivious to the perils.

Back in Tacoma, Washington, Detective Landis is still unable to cope with the loss of his daughter and his ex-wife Jada, even as the Detective struggles with a new relationship.  Landis’s past is not so easy to escape, as Thomas Barstow attains parole and looks for the opportunity to settle the score that can only be resolved through bloodshed.
The lives and souls of all hang in the balance and divine intervention may be only the solution. 





“I don’t think you can understand how it feels. Having a miscarriage is not the same as losing an eight-year-old child…”







AUTHOR Bio and Links:


My infatuation with writing was born before I ever took my first breath, somewhere on the rural plains of Eastern North Carolina, nourished by the adventures of my grandmother's childhood. From the time I was only four or five years old, her memories gave flight to my imagination and fuel to my curiosities. Her stories widened my eyes to the fascinatingly bizarre in the everyday. 
As a young girl, my grandmother would bring her puppy with her to stalk rabbits every morning. The two of them would chase an unlucky long-eared rascal until it escaped into a hollow at the base of a tree, and she would run a stick around the inside of the opening as though churning butter. The spell of the sound and vibration would lure the rabbit out of the tree and into her hands. 

Good fiction, inventive and provocative fiction, reverberates in readers and spellbinds them. It can spur surprise, delight, discomfort, and revelation and defy reason. As a storyteller, I strive to help others solve their problems by sharing things that I have read about, heard about, and seen. But I also prize the look on people's faces when they hear the brilliant punch line of a joke, or when they experience an epiphany that knocks the logical wind out of them. These are the reactions that I live to inspire in my audiences when I write paranormal thrillers. 

My obsession with the extraordinary in my writing might also, ironically, stem from my 20-year career in the U.S. Army. I can allow my mind to wander in the extraterrestrial sphere while my love for my country keeps me grounded in domestic affairs. Of all of my accomplishments, serving as a paratrooper in a Special Forces Group and a Field Artillery outfit during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm claims high rank. Few situations force a person to confront his humanity as painfully as going off to war, and this experience taught me both to accept accountability for my actions and to trust others. Eventually, I became a successful Army Recruiter and Station Commander, earning the Top Recruiting Station awards in Dallas and Seattle Recruiting Battalions. North Carolina Central University granted me a Public Service Award for my work in the local community. And currently, I serve fellow veterans as an HR Specialist for the Department of Veteran Affairs. 

Other passions of mine include playing chess, photography, traveling, and indulging in my contrarian nature by instigating debate. Spending time with my wife tops the list of my life's privileges, however. Whether I am entertaining her with my emulation of Laurence Olivier as Marcus Crassus or protecting her from an elk during one of our photography excursions in the wild, I treasure her companionship and affection.

When I was twelve years old, I announced to my Aunt Becky and Cousin Tony that I wanted to write a book. They stared at me in astonishment. The world of publishing was an enigma to simple country folks in Beaufort, North Carolina in 1982. These days I am achieving my dream with the ebook, a medium through which I can express my individuality without sacrificing my voice to expectations of marketability, popularity, and deadlines. My goal is to create an opportunity for escapism that is bold and absolute.


Twitter: @RReels








RW Reels will be awarding a $20 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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#TwelveDaysToLove #HistoricalRomance

Title: Twelve Days to Love
Author: Christine Young
Genre: Historical Romance
Book Heat Level: 3

Buy at: Amazon


Archer Steele shows up at Calanthe Durand’s failing plantation with an alligator over his shoulder, intent on doing everything and anything to convince the beautiful Miss Durand he is worthy of her love.

BLURB: Twelve Days to Love

When Archer Steele shows up at Calanthe Durand’s failing plantation with an alligator over his shoulder, Cali thinks she’s never seen a more handsome man. During the war she had to defend herself and her servants from both union and confederate soldiers. Independent and self-sufficient, she vows to never marry. 
But Archer Steele has different ideas. The first time Archer sees Cali in town, he feels an instant attraction. He decides he will do everything and anything to convince the beautiful Miss Durand he is worthy of her love. During the weeks leading up to Christmas, he gives her twelve gifts in hopes she will fall in love with him. Yet they are faced with challenges they must overcome before Cali can commit to a marriage.

EXCERPT: Twelve Days to Love

“When that window shattered, I thought the world was comin’ to an end. The glass was everywhere, rain pelting into the room. I was terrified, and he was there, helping, knowing just what to do.”
“He took charge. Just like he probably commanded his men during the war.” Cali understood that truth. She’d seen her share of troops stay at her home and listened to the officers giving orders. Some had been upstanding gentleman while others were ruthless, taking what they wanted and leaving nothing behind.
“Well, without him, Miss Cali, we would have lost furniture, paintings...”
“Many valuables.”
A vase that had been given to her mother and father as a wedding gift crashed to the floor, but she’d been able to save other objects when Archer raced outside to board up the windows for a second time. Sam had followed, and together they finished the job.
“More tea?” Daisy rose from the table to retrieve the teapot.
“Yes, that would be nice. We should get started on that fabric we bought in the French Quarter before the storm. Sam needs shirts, and we both need a couple new serviceable day dresses.” To Cali, sewing was cathartic. She could sew all day if she had enough fabric. Alas, she could only afford material for everyday needs.
“I’ll get right to it. Do you have any fashion plates you want to look at, or do you just want to use old ones?”
“Old ones will do. Don’t have the time or the desire to sort through the latest fashions from Paris.” Cali hadn’t looked at fashion plates since before the war when a dressmaker had created all her clothes. That was such a long time ago. She knew Daisy would be laughing inside. Daisy asked the same question every time they made dresses, and her answer never varied. They didn’t have any updated fashion plates to look through.
“Let’s finish this cup of tea then get started. I’ll clean up the kitchen, and you can sort through the material.”
“I’ll meet you in the sewing room.” Cali added a lump of sugar to her tea and a bit of milk before sipping thoughtfully.
Daisy was silent, but Cali watched her deep brown and intelligent eyes as they peered over the teacup. What matchmaking scheme was Daisy conspiring now? Or was she paranoid? Fancying things she shouldn’t be imagining.
“Penny for your thoughts? Daisy asked.
“I was thinking the same, wondering what you were dreaming up. I don’t want you scheming a way to get Mr. Archer here. If he comes of his own accord, then fine. I’ll figure things out, but don’t entice him here. And I’m not going to seek him out.”
“Fine.” Cali sipped the last bit of tea and grabbing another biscuit, she started for the sewing room.
Cali knew Daisy would mull that over in her mind, and she also knew she was still trying to figure a way for Archer to come to her. Ignoring the disarray in the sewing room, she rummaged through the bolts of fabric, accepting the fact most of what they bought was appropriate for Sam’s work clothes and not dresses.
“My goodness this place is a mess.” One of the windows that shattered during the storm was located in this room. Under normal circumstances this place was bright, sunshine filtering inside. Today it was dark and so dreary it sent a shiver down her spine. She rubbed her arms, warding off the chill then spun on a heel, leaving the room.
A few minutes later she was back, putting mosquito netting over the now open window. A cool breeze flowed through the opening.
“Why, Miss Cali, that was brilliant.” Daisy stood in the doorway seeming to admire Cali’s handiwork.
“Thank you.” Cali set about straightening the room and cleaning up debris from the tempest. A few branches had found their way inside as well as leaves and mud.
“Good thing the new bolts of fabric were put in a safe place before the hurricane hit.” Daisy removed the netting and tossed a branch and some leaves out the window.
“Doubt if we’re going to get much sewing done today. This place is a jumble. I’ll go downstairs and bring up a couple of mops and a pail of soapy water.”
In the kitchen, Cali put a few pots and pans on the stove to heat the water to room temperature before locating two buckets, and other paraphernalia needed to clean the sewing room. It had been a couple of weeks since the hurricane, and they’d had so many chores around the house, this was the first time she’d thought of this particular area of the house. Of course, when you need to sew new clothes, that’s when you remember how the storm tore that chamber apart.
“Miss Cali...” Sam stood in the doorway.
“Oh my! Her hand flew to her chest. You scared me. Guess I was lost in thought.”
“Sorry, but there is someone here to see you.” Sam cleared his throat, stepping aside.
“Mr. Steele? Whatever...? I didn’t expect you.” Her hand on her throat, she tried to swallow while she was thinking he was even more handsome today than he’d been the last time she saw him. His dress was casual. He wore buckskins for pants, along with a white shirt and a leather jacket with a small amount of fringe. He’d pulled his dark hair back and tied it with a leather strap.


Historical, Romance, Regency, England