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The Dark One is on the rampage, a demonic beast is on the prowl. He stalks two boys across two continents unintentionally playing a game of “cat and mouse". A HEAVENLY INTERCEPTION BY EDDIE GEORGONICAS

Title: A Heavenly Interception
Author: Eddie Georegonicas

Genre: Paranormal
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 1

The Dark One is on the rampage, a demonic beast is on the prowl. He stalks two boys across two continents unintentionally playing a game of “cat and mouse". But of utmost significance is his need to move around the Earth incognito. And what better way than to rid a human shell of its soul and then “step in” to take it over. The boys will be forced into defending their lives as well as the lives of those innocent souls that are with them. The final showdown is behind the closed doors of the famous Gothic Church located in the city of Cologne, Germany. It is here where Angelic Intention, Hellish influence, Earthly friendships, a psychic medium and an innocent German family all link together for one last time.


The Devil sat on his rock of solitude, the throne to the kingdom of evil. Lucifer was grand in presence and his rocky throne was fitting to this grandeur.
The seat stood high and tall. Carved with engravings and scriptures of evil, it above all reminded the occupants of Hell that there would be vengeance on Heaven.
This was the place where the Devil pondered, plotted or devised his cunning plans. Plans to steal a soul, a plan to convert an Angel, attack Heaven or wage wrongfulness on mankind.
His hair was long and wavy and blood red in color. Protruding from his front hairline were two horns, six inches in length with a slight bend in the middle. These jutted out from his forehead and curved upward toward the sky, bony and slightly tapered on the ends.
The beast had a sharp jaw line and button nose. Many may have considered his face to be pleasantly handsome. He was once an angelic being, but any remaining good looks had been spoiled by the glaring pupil-less white eyes and his yellowy, red skin.
It was a skin that changed in tone as if there was a fire burning deep within his soul. There were signs of yellows and reds, which readily interchanged with one another. Fiery patterns danced around the skin of his face, arms, legs and torso. A body which was toned and muscle bound much like an Olympian athlete, somewhere between a heavy weight boxer and professional swimmer.
The colors could change as quickly as if a TV channel had been flipped or twirl around as slowly as a turtle's pace. One thing was certain: the texture of his skin was never still and always flowed with movement.
The back part of him was equally as impressive. His one feature stood out for all to see. It was unique amongst all the creatures that walked the land of Hades. Others had them but not like his.
 A set of large, leathery, bat like wings displayed his sovereignty. A ruler of all things evil. They were far bigger and brighter than any other beast that roamed the land of fire and brimstone.
 The wings had a layered color and, unlike his torso, the colors were fixed in place.
 The base of the wings was the strongest of yellows and this carried all the way through to the midsection of the wing. At this point, the tone changed to a mixture of fiery red with sun-like yellow. The color transition only went for a few inches. A small band ran the width of both of the wings. And then the upper half of his wings were as bright and as red as fire. It carried on until the upper tip, where the wing was singed and burnt to a charcoal black. This impressive array of colors made for a majestic set of wings.
When they were fully stretched, one never doubted the sovereignty of the demonic Lord.
This was central Hell, the valley in which Lucifer and his band of dark angels and demons took refuge. This location was deep into the valley of sulfur and brimstone: a place far, far away from the light of God and all things heavenly.
The giant Ocean of Fire washed before the rocky throne. And like many oceans whose waves crash upon the shoreline, so too did the fires of this flaming ocean. Rolling in one after the other, the flames crashed into the ground and then retreated back to their massive origin. Time and again, the fire rolled in with a mighty crackle and retreated almost silently. The radiant yellowy red light it emitted was warm and carried itself for lengthy distances. It wasn't bright; more so, it had a way of penetrating its way through the dark.
 Its gentle glow often served as a type of homing beacon for retreating demons after a heavenly encounter. It was just as useful for any heavenly intruder who contemplated the enormous journey from the Heavens. Such a journey would have them cross a line called the Transitional Border, the place where one was instantly shifted from a place of heavenly light into the darkness of Hell.
At that point, one looked for the flickering glow in the distance. This was the giant Ocean of Fire. Visitors crossing the Transitional Border into Hell quickly came to realize two things. Firstly, Hell's headquarters made for quite a journey and secondly, the Ocean of Fire and its gentle glow would point the way.
But there would be no heavenly visitors today.

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