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Fed up with men, but wanting a baby, Storm Wellington decides to take matters into her own hands, randomly selecting an obscure little town to find an unknowing sperm donor. THE PURRFECT PLAN BY ANGELA CASTLE

Series: Australian Shifters book 1
Author: Angel Castle
Email: jazzgenie@hotmail.com
Genre: Erotic Romance
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 5


Fed up with men, but wanting a baby, Storm Wellington decides to take matters into her own hands, randomly selecting an obscure little town to find an unknowing sperm donor. Unknowingly, Storm walks into a town run and owned by big cat shifters. River Black, Alpha of Blacktown can’t believe his luck, finding his mate in his own town, even better, the lovely lush woman is more than eager. After a passionate night, Storm disappears without a trace, leaving River desperate to find her. Finally, tracking her down, River discovers the evidence of her single parenthood plans and is now pregnant with his cubs. River persuades Storm to return to Blacktown with him, but another has her eye on River and is determined to rid the town of any rival. In the sweltering heat of the Australian Summer, River must convince Storm to be his mate and protect her or risk losing her forever.

Chapter One

Storm Wellington wanted a baby more than anything. It was why she stood outside a bar in an obscure little place called Black Town.

Still, her desire did little to calm her apprehension, making her stomach twist almost painfully. With a firm grip on the door handle of the bar, she pushed it open, taking a few steps inside. The wafting smell of beer and cigarette smoke hit her. The low pounding beat of heavy rock music thumped in time with her frantically hammering heart. Work, damn you feet. She moved further into the dim interior, her gaze landing on the long black bar.

The plan was simple: to find a man, any man, willing to have no-strings-attached sex with her. She understood men well enough to know free pussy wasn't something they would easily refuse.

Hell, it didn't have to be a one-night stand; she would be well on her way once the deed was done. If you counted the removal of clothes into the equation, what, a whole five to ten minutes?

Be strong. Be confident, you can do this. She'd been chanting this same mantra since she'd left home. She chose this particular spot at random, by placing her hand over her eyes, then circling her finger before jabbing it at the map on her desk. Fate had decided to take her to Black Town after a quick internet search, finding it contained just what she needed; an out of the way bar and a motel room surrounded by native Australian Forest. It was a three hour drive, but the further away the place, the better. She plotted various seduction scenarios, along with timing her visit during the peak of her fertility cycle.

Storm quickly scanned the interior, noticing an empty stage at the back of the room with a small space where scattered round black tables were nicely complemented by sturdy looking silver and black metallic chairs. She spotted the cricket bat mounted on the wall behind the bar. With a boldly printed score chart: Bat- eleven: Bar patrons- zero. Did they get a lot of bar fights?

Her gaze roamed over the dozen or so bar patrons who stopped their low chatter to turn and stare at her. She saw why the place featured solid bar furniture. Each and every man in the bar displayed strong broad shoulders, thick firm necks, chiseled, handsome features and solid muscle. A mix of awe and wonder hit her as she realized none of them would weigh in at less than a hundred and eighty pounds. Wow! She'd struck genetic gold! As for the few women littered amongst them clothed in only simple jeans and t-shirts, they were, without exception, slim, bright eyed and cover-model gorgeous.

Storm drew comfort from the fact the men outnumbered the women. Panic threatened to rise. What if none of the men found her attractive enough? Not allowing herself to back pedal, she made her way to the bar.

Even if she was a far cry from the apparent beauties now surrounding her and clearly challenged in the height department, being only five foot three, her grandmother always taught her being neat and clean easily made up for her plain features.

She ran her hands down her skirt to smooth out the wrinkles. It didn't matter how she looked, because now was certainly not the time to be second-guessing herself. No doubts, just forward and onward, to do what she came here to do then get the hell out.

She moved away from the door. On reaching the bar, she smiled at the bartender and noticed him watching her with a curious expression.

"Can I have a coke, please?"

He arched an orange eyebrow. "Just a Coke?"

Alcohol was not on the cards tonight, even if she did desperately want something to calm her nerves and loosen the tension making nearly every muscle in her body ache.

"Yes, just a Coke."

The man reached under the counter, pulled out the trademark bottle and plonked it firmly on the counter before reaching for a glass and setting it next to her chosen beverage. Storm glanced down, digging around in her purse to pay for her drink.

"This one's on me, sugar."

Storm looked up, startled, not having heard the man approach. Remember what you're here for. Storm plastered on a friendly smile.

"Um, thank you."

Exotic dark chocolate eyes regarded her with interest; his rich brown hair haphazardly stuck out on his head as though he used his hand for a comb. Handsome, like every man in the bar, he would do nicely.

"I'll have a Coke too, Ted, just add a touch of hair in mine," he said with an impish smile. "So what's a lovely little lady like you doing in a place like this?"

Smooth. A touch cheesy, but sweet.

"Just travelling through. I've got a room at the motel for the night before heading home tomorrow. As the signs on the highway say, drowsy drivers die." Her pre-prepared lie came out easily.

"Well, I'm sure glad you stopped in, sugar." His grin was seductive.

Storm giggled and felt herself blush; maybe this wouldn't be so difficult after all.

"I'm Storm."

"Storm, I like that. Hamish Brown, at your service, little lady." He offered his hand.

Storm allowed her smile to widen before slipping her hand into his warm one. Yes, his services would do nicely.

Follow Detective Corey Williams on a fugitive hunt to Mexico with a Harley riding, red-haired, tall reporter who is stealing his heart while getting the news story of the year. MOON IN MAZATLAN BY C. L. KRAEMER

Title: Moon in Mazatlan
Author: C. L. Kraemer
ISBN: 978-1-62420-223-0
Email: clkraemer1@gmail.com

Genre: suspense
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 4


Follow Detective Corey Williams on a fugitive hunt to Mexico with a Harley riding, red-haired, tall reporter who is stealing his heart while getting the news story of the year.


Detective Corey Williams is content with his small town Virginia home. Normally, his busiest night is Saturday, but when his best friend’s ex-wife attempts to have him killed, Corey gives his promise to ensure justice is served. Meeting a red-haired, Harley riding goddess has thrown a wrench in his quiet staid life. Only one hiccup in this situation; the goddess is a reporter. When the ex-wife of his friend flees the country, the reporter makes sure she is right behind Detective Williams. He is oath bound to bring the fugitive ex-wife back for trial. What he hadn’t counted on was falling for the Harley riding reporter.


Moon in Mazatlan
C. L. Kraemer

By Jeffrey Ross 
4.5 Stars out of 5

This fast-paced detective story has something for everyone! Moon in Mazatlán contains international intrigue, mile-high romance, Russians fighting the Mujahedeen in the 1980’s, and a hard-working detective who learns to love again.
Narcissistic murderess Ashlee makes a bold hospital escape after inflicting an injury upon herself while in custody. Ashlee, a bad girl to the nth degree, and her too-wiling accomplice (and cop-gone-bad) Kurt, flee to Mazatlán using a carefully crafted plan to escape justice.  They are pursued relentlessly by Detective Corey Williams and his new “partner”—a beautiful, curvy, read-headed Harley-riding newspaper reporter named Riona.
Author CL Kraemer does an excellent job of moving the story along.  The ambient temperature in this romantic drama fluctuates between steaming hot and chilling—while the main characters’ passions rise and fall like waves on a Mexican beach. Kraemer does a superb job of showing the dualities of human nature—and illuminates the treacherous gaming which so often occurs between lovers.
(I gave this 4.5 out of 5 stars only because I didn’t want the adventure to stop! Moon in Mazatlán is a classic—a great read!)


Moon in Mazatlan
C. L. Kraemer

By Greg Didaleusky 
4 Stars out of 5

This is a 181 page detective novel laced with romance and suspense. The antagonist, Ashlee Anderson, accused of plotting a murder scheme, coerces a police office, Kurt Lee, with sexual advances to help her avoid prison time. The protagonist, Detective Corey Williams, Who is assigned to the murder scheme case, becomes amorously drawn toward a tenacious and attractive newspaper reporter, Riona Byrne, assigned to the case. Together they share their expertise propelling them on an unexpected venture.
C.L. Kraemer expertly intertwines the characters’ psychological complexities making the story believable for the reader. There are twist and turns enhancing the suspenseful novel. I recommend the author to readers of detective stories or readers who love suspense, intrigue with a peppering of romance. I give this novel a 4 out of 5 stars.


Corey turned to the goddess residing next to him. "Hello, I'm Corey." He'd stuck out his hand. The redhead surveyed him head to toe. She took his hand in hers and firmly shook it.
"Riona Byrne."
The husky alto reply sent shivers up his back. He opened his mouth to ask a question.
"Attention! Can I have everyone's attention?" Someone at the head table was speaking into a handheld microphone. The room quieted and Tom Manning stood up. "Hello, everyone. Most of you know me but for those who don't, I'm Tom Manning. I've been Justin's best friend since we were kids in grade school."
Everyone shouted, "Hi, Tom," then erupted into laughter.
"To continue..." Tom grinned. "It wasn't too long ago things looked pretty bleak around here. But thankfully, we've all made it through and are here today to celebrate the wedding of Justin and Diane Anderson, two people who, this time last year, were determined not to get married again. Aren't we glad they changed their minds?"
Guests whistled and clapped.
"If you'll all raise your glasses, please." Tom lifted his champagne glass to the newlyweds. "To Justin and Diane… I wish you a lifetime of happiness and whatever success you desire. May you never go to bed angry and may you always find laughter in your lives. Cheers!"
The room was filled with the sound of clinking glasses and applause. Corey turned to the enchantress he'd just met and found himself facing an empty seat. He sighed. Today is just not my day.
The call went out for all unmarried men to assemble in the center of the room. Corey struggled out of his chair to join a small group of young boys and grandfathers in the center of the reception room. The wedding garter was removed and tossed to the rowdy group. Absently, he put his hand up and choked when the garter landed in his palm. Great. Just what I need… the threat of marriage, again.
He looked to the head table to find Riona smirking at him. The unmarried women were commanded to appear on the floor, and Corey watched closely to see if the enchantress would respond. He smiled to himself. She was easy to spot standing head and shoulders taller than the other women. He easily related to her slightly bored expression. She doesn't want to spoil this for Justin and Diane any more than I do.
The center of the room began to bubble with giggles and jostling for position, except for the tall redhead who stood at the back of the group, tightly crossed arms supporting her impressive bust line. The bride turned her back to the rowdy group, and on the shouted count of three threw the bouquet over her head. The crowd rushed forward to capture the prize but it sailed over everyone's head and landed in Riona's folded arms. Corey exploded in laughter at the shocked expression on her face. A camera flash caught the moment. Straightening to her full five foot eleven inches of height, she bowed from the waist and proceeded back to the head table.
"Who the hell came up with these archaic traditions anyway?" she growled as she plopped into the chair.
"I have no clue, but I don't think they're going away anytime soon," Corey said.
"I could live without everyone giving me flak about being single," she said.
"I know what you mean. Everybody has a cousin they're sure you need to meet. Not all of us have a desire to be married," Corey said.
"Boy, have you got that right! I've done damn well without a husband so far, and it doesn't look like I'll be having too many problems in the future requiring one," Riona responded.
"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please," the DJ announced. "The bride and groom will start this dance alone. On my signal I'd like the wedding party to join them on the floor then the rest of you can come out and dance. Justin? Diane? If you please?"
The newlyweds floated to the center of the floor and began gliding when the music started. They had danced for a few minutes when the DJ asked the rest of the wedding party to join them on the floor.
"I guess that means us." Corey turned to Riona, saying hopefully, "I'll understand if you say no. I haven't danced in nearly ten years. I could do some major damage on your feet."
"No, that's fine. Let's not spoil the day for our friends. Shall we?" Riona nodded to the dance floor.
Corey rose from his chair and moved to help her. He offered his arm and, with Corey limping, they walked on to the dance floor. Tom Manning had taken Justin's daughter as his partner and was twirling her around the floor. Corey turned to Riona and froze. He stood eye to eye with the elegant beauty. Oh, Lord! I've forgotten how to do this!
Riona moved into him and, placing one hand on his shoulder, the other in his hand, began to move him around the floor.
"I can't believe I've forgotten how this is done," Corey moaned.
"Don't worry. It's like a bike. You crawl on, kick start the engine, and it will all come back to you," she smiled at him for the first time.
He caught his breath at the difference the smile made on her features. She is so gorgeous. I'd never stand a chance with her. Those dark eyes and luscious lips are so—so captivating. If I don't stop staring at her, I'll do something stupid like kiss her.
She turned her head and he noticed the dangling silver earring touching against her shoulders. "Your earrings are very beautiful—unicorns with an emerald?"
"You have a good eye for jewelry. Yes, I had the necklace," she touched her hand to her neck, "and Diane made me a gift of the earrings as thanks for helping her with the wedding."
"They're really beautiful," he said. The emerald Harley with unicorn tank, unicorn earrings with emerald eyes; I really hope I'm wrong.
"Thank you. By the way, is there a reason for the limp?" she asked.
"My feet are killing me. My best friend decided to marry on the hottest day of the year and force me to wear these wretched shoes, which don't breathe; hence, my feet are swelling. I don't have any problem when I wear my cowboy boots. Right now, I can't feel my feet. Please tell me I haven't stepped on your toes," he said.
"Nah, you haven't gotten me yet. Listen, I hope you don't mind but I've an early morning appointment and I need to get some beauty sleep. Can we continue this another time?" she asked; the low sexy tones of her voice barely audible over the music.
"Oh, sure. I've a long day tomorrow and should probably think about my own beauty sleep. Shall we?" Corey motioned for her to lead them back to their chairs.
"Finally. I can change to some comfortable clothes," she smiled and moved toward the exit door.
Man, I'm an idiot. I should have asked if she wanted to have coffee sometime. Boy, did I blow my chances. Corey grabbed the coffee container on the table and poured himself a cup. I should go home and get some rest, but I can sleep anytime. It's so great to see Justin and Diane happy. They deserve this.
He watched his friend dance with his wife. The couple stared dreamily at each other, oblivious to the crowd around them. The music stopped and a comfortable silence settled on the room. Corey watched a tall figure stride cross the empty dance floor. Clad in black leather from boots to headscarf, the figure leaned over and grabbed the microphone from the DJ.
Corey's stomach lurched.
"I need someone to give me a ride to the police station. My Harley's been stolen," the figure removed the glasses and scarf.
Corey groaned when he saw the flash of red hair. I wish my instincts hadn't been right this time.
It was Riona Byrne.

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In the heat of the Australian Summer, Tinder Munro has been sent to an obscure little town, in the Australian bushland, to uncover its secrets. THE PURRFECT PICTURE BY ANGELA CASTLE

Author: Angel Castle
Email: jazzgenie@hotmail.com

Genre: Paranormal/Erotic Romance
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 5

Buy at: www.roguephoenixpress.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance ebooks

In the heat of the Australian Summer, Tinder Munro has been sent to an obscure little town, in the Australian bushland, to uncover its secrets. What she never expects to discover, is the devastatingly sexy Hawk Black, who seems very intent on embedding himself into Tinder’s body mind and soul.

Hawk, Panther shifter and beta of Black Town, volunteered to baby sit a Photojournalist, only to discover the feisty red head his is true mate.

Now nothing will stop Hawk from getting into Tinder’s life, and keeping her just were she belongs, with him, in his arms. But when others discover the truth behind Black town, they decide to make Hawk and Tinder pay a high price, in more ways than one.

Hawk races against time to save Tinder, and keep the secret of Black Town secure.


Pictures speak more than a thousand words; Tinder Munro's mother, the artist, drilled the words into her head at an early age. So, what was the picture before her trying to say? It was odd and out of place. No way, this couldn't be real; someone was playing a prank on her.
She didn't care. Even pranks which kept her mind off her current situation were better than sitting around stewing over things she couldn't change.
She sighed, needing to get closer. Blackened, scorched ground crackled as she lowered herself to her knees, inhaling the still-smoky air of the surrounding bushland. It was a few weeks since the devastating fires ripped through this part of the Black National Park.
Her current, and temporary, employer sent her up into the New South Wales Mountain region to an obscure little town to investigate.
It was good to get out of the city. When this job was done, she would like to find a smallish town with a little newspaper. She hoped someone would employ her and buy some of the many photos she had collected over the years as a photojournalist.
She had nothing to go back to. What little she did have was stuffed in the boot of her beat up old car. Black Town Motel would be her home until she finished this job, got the rest of her money, and moved on.
Tinder ran over the odd conversation in her head a few times, trying to figure out what the Sydney money tycoon, Felix Roads, wanted exactly.
'I want anything and everything suspicious reported. There is something not right with those Black brothers, and I want to know what it is.'
'Are you sure you want to use me, Mr. Roads? I'm a photojournalist not a private detective.' She stood in front of his six-foot wide, polished mahogany desk, in the tall fifty-five story building in the Sydney business district, overlooking Sydney Harbour bay and the Opera house.
'No, you're exactly what I need. I want picture evidence of whatever they're up to. There is something odd with those Black Town people. I think you would do better than any detective…someone they wouldn't suspect as much.'
'Just what do you expect me to find in Black Town?'
'I want any dirty secrets which can discredit them from the contract they stole from me.'
Basically, she was being sent in as a spy. But how could she object when Mr. Roads handed her a three-thousand-dollar check?
'Half now, half when you bring me evidence of what I need to get my contract back.'
This is money she desperately needed to start over. She would do her job to the best of her ability; if it was secrets Mr. Roads wanted, then secrets he would get.
After doing a little background digging on Black Town, via the internet, she kept coming across rumour after rumour of big cat sightings in the area. Tinder contacted the local park ranger to obtain permission to have a look around.
During her travels through Africa, she had photographed many majestic big cats, and had seen their paw prints in those counties, just like the ones she now studied.
Leaning closer to study the odd paw prints in the scorched earth, she saw the solid evidence those cat rumours were true.
She sat back on her heels and reached for her tan canvas equipment bag, riffling around to find her tape measure. Leaning back over, she placed it along the side of the print, careful not to disturb the ground. She lifted her digital camera, placing it over her right eye and closing the left as the automatic focus adjusted.
Her trigger finger pressed gently to snap a few shots.
"This has to be too good to be true." Her got voice lost in the soft whistling of the warm summer wind in the burnt trees.
Tinder climbed to her feet, bent over to follow the print trail. She peered over a fallen, two-foot log, where this cat obviously leapt, leaving lovely, deep prints.
Her excitement bubbled; oh yes, big cat indeed. If she could be the one to capture it on film, would this be what Mr. Roads wanted? She shook her head; at this stage she didn't care. Maybe she could earn some more money by finally proving there is a big cat living around Black Town Forest.
Her clothes were now probably streaked with soot, but it didn't matter as her finger pressed down on the trigger again.
"Holy shit!"
The sudden deep masculine voice from right behind her jumpstarted her heart into a junkie's, high adrenaline spike. Her scream pierced the tranquil air and she spun around, only to lose balance and fall backwards onto her large arse.
She stared up into a pair of striking, pond-blue eyes. He looked just as startled, his handsome face twisted down into a fierce frown, making her scramble back further.