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Heaven can hold off no longer as it finally gives in to Lucifer’s wicked reign of terror. THE ANGELIC INTENT BY EDDIE GEORGONICAS

Title: The Angelic Intent
Author: Eddie Georegonicas

Genre: Paranormal
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 1

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Heaven can hold off no longer as it finally gives in to Lucifer’s wicked reign of terror.


The devil had his spy’s in Heaven and on Earth. Word had got back to him long ago. Sebastian, his trusted General, was captive in a heaven that would not stop. One way or another, God’s kingdom would find a way to convert one of Lucifer’s finest soldiers and dedicated warriors. But Lucifer would not lose his long-time friend without a fight … Sebastian’s capture the catalyst to an all-out attack. And with heaven eventually succumbing to demonic invasion, what would be next? How would Lucifer’s ruling over Heaven affect those on Earth? And in particular, what devilish plan did he have install for Tony and Johnny?

The angels had set out to collect their souls. They knew what they were doing.
Strategically and planned, it began with Mary and her husband Charlie. And then Mary's mother Pam and then her son Tony.
Tony was not alone. His best friend Johnny would be by his side.
They each had their part to play in the grander angelic plan. Each to his or her own, carrying out their heavenly duty diligently and without question.
All but the two best friends remembered.
The boys had undertaken a mission of angelic proportions. They had ventured into hell and taken on the place of fire and brimstone.
They were lucky to escape with their lives, but return to God's sacred place they did.
Heaven, in all of its power and glory, then returned the two young friends to live out their lives on Earth as it was originally intended to be. Tony and Johnny held no memory of ever having completed their angelic mission.
The heavens were proud of what the boys had accomplished, but the devil was rampant with rage. Furious he had been fooled by two mere mortals.
He sought revenge, for these two young souls had scarred the place of fire and brimstone. The boys did as the angels requested and placed the heavenly light source on the rim of Hell Central.
A heavenly light shone like emergency search beams, fanning out wide and far. It lit up the skies for all to see, forever intruding on what was once the darkness and evil of hell.
Now God's light shone well within the depths of Hades. A small and permanent reminder that heaven would always be near.
The devil would have his day.
There were evil plans in the making and so Lucifer sent one of his finest, a warrior demon called Sebastian.
The dark angel stalked the boys across the streets of Germany. No person could ever know that this warrior demon had escaped heaven to walk amongst the communities of Earth. Anything Sebastian undertook could only be done outside of prying human eyes. He had to find a way to move around incognito.
And so by ridding innocent victims of their souls and stepping in, Sebastian could take over their bodies and hide. The outer form would be human, but within lay the soul of a demon who controlled his human shell like a puppet master.
However, the human body cannot sustain its life without its soul and Sebastian quickly discovered he could only use his human host transport for a short time. The flesh of the body would begin the process of necrosis. After a little while Sebastian was left with little choice but to leave the shell of a human he possessed to then search out his next unsuspecting victim.
All in the name of revenge, to find Johnny and Tony and make them suffer.
Sebastian would possess many a human to pursue the boys. The last innocent to have his soul vacated violently was a preacher man.
Sebastian jumped into his body as quickly as putting on a winter coat. For a short time, many would never come to know that their local priest was indeed a servant from hell. A wolf in sheep's clothing.
And ironic how one who followed the holiest of lives succumbed to what one might best describe as the most unholiest of deaths.
Sebastian was without mercy as he cast the priest's soul aside. Threw his soul out like one disposes a dirty rag. He was quick to step in and play the part of a man of the cloth.
However, the only thing Sebastian was dedicated to was his mission. An undertaking handed down to him personally by Lucifer. It was Johnny and Tony that they all wanted, and they wanted them to suffer for their partaking in their angelic given mission.
Sebastian had lured the boys to within the confines of the famous gothic church in Cologne, Germany. They were not alone. Joining the boys was Liz, a talented psychic medium and two young children, Anita and Gunther.
Liz was on the ground floor behind a row of pews midway back. She was contemplating what to do next. She quickly got up and made her way to a section of the church which contained a selection of religious artefacts.
As she ran, the children were in her thoughts. They had done what was asked of them and were in hiding. The last she saw of them, they had run toward the right corner of the church, past one of the confessionals and past the stairs. Liz was comfortable and she was certain they were safe for now, well hid from demonic eyes.
She stopped to gather her breath. This part of the church had all sorts of religious artefacts, pictures and statues. Amongst all the Christian memorabilia, an ancient piece shaped like a crucifix and called the "Four Children of Christ" caught the psychic medium's immediate attention.
Meanwhile up above in one of the massive church steeples, Johnny and Tony battled with Sebastian.
Sebastian would have it no other way, for his primary mission was to ensure the boys had a first class ticket to hell…

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