Monday, February 15, 2016

If Dr. Adeishi Omini knew beforehand what life-changing secret that lay behind the door she would never have gone down the cellar that night… NEW RELEASE To Cure! by Francis Benedict

Title: To Cure!
ISBN: 978-1-62420-207-0
Author: Francis Benedict

Genre: thriller
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 1

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If Dr. Adeishi Omini knew beforehand what life-changing secret that lay behind the door she would never have gone down the cellar that night…


Adeishi is a scientist newly working for a section of IngoSmart Laboratories. Walking along an unfamiliar corridor in search of the “antigens” storage room, she mistakenly enters through a door that leads down a cellar where she stumbles upon a hideous secret. Consequently for Adeishi, her inadvertent discovery has led to the gruesome murder of her boyfriend and set her on the run for her life. What she has discovered hidden in the dark basement mustn’t reach the knowledge of the outside world. IngoSmart’s owner, Morgan Nicholson, has sent killers on her trail and nothing will stand in the way of their finding her. But another figure deep within IngoSmart has a different plan in mind. Working in synergy with Obed Ringum, an ex-army investigator, the duo are bent on thwarting IngoSmart’s every move concerning the use of children for an unwholesome experiment. But for their plan to work, first, they will have to be quick enough to locate Adeishi and, possibly, her shadow confederate, Mike Ellams, before the wealthy American’s assassins can rid the one major witness of her life.


Dr. Mekusen shut the door after himself.
"Khalid," he said walking to take his seat. His accent smacked of Nordic intonation. "I am very busy, what's the urgency?"
"If you'll take a seat please, Dr. Mekusen," Khalid said and rose to his feet, "then I'll tell you what it's all about."
Dr. Mekusen sat. Khalid lowered himself back in his chair after shaking hands with him. "I'm sorry to take you away from your work, but I need to bring you up to date on certain developments—just so you don't get taken by surprise."
"Oh." Dr. Mekusen raised his brow and nodded. "Very well then."
Khalid picked up a sheet of paper in front of him and gave it to Dr. Mekusen.
"Have you seen this young lady before, Dr. Mekusen?"
Dr. Mekusen was an old man nearing eighty. He dug a hand in the wide pocket of his white jacket and crammed a thick pair of glasses over his eyes. He looked hard at the photograph printed in the bottom corner of the paper. "Nope," he said, shaking his head. He removed the glasses and stuck them back in his pocket. "Never seen her before. One of your scientists, I presume?"
Khalid nodded his head reluctantly, like it would roll off his neck if he did it any harder.
"That's one hell of a pretty woman you have there. What's happened to her? Accident in the lab—she died?"
Khalid felt riled inside. What are you? The Pope?
"Thanks for caring. No, nothing of the sort." He took the paper from Dr. Mekusen's outstretched hand. "Something rather unfortunate happened yesterday at the lab, and we think the consequence of it could have a negative toll on the project. We wouldn't want anything, not even the remotest of situations, stalling the vaccine…"
There wasn't any need for preambles, so he told Dr. Mekusen everything, and the subsequent decision taken by the board members.
"Should there be an urgent need to do away with the children, you know what to do."
Dr. Mekusen remained quiet, obviously turning things over in his mind, a nondescript look on his face. Khalid could see he wasn't fazed by the development. "So, you're saying in effect the threat is still real and apparent?"
"She's still out there, Dr. Mekusen. And we don't know who she might have spoken to. Until she's found, don't think to breathe easy."
"Should the need ever arise…" Dr. Mekusen said, slowly rising to his feet. He made like he was keen to get back to work. "Let's hope it never comes to that. I'm an old man. I'll die before the trial can begin."
Whether he meant it as a joke, Khalid would never know. But all the same Dr. Mekusen held a smirk when he said it. He watched the old man go out the door and shut it after himself. Khalid gently folded his arms on the desk; his head drooped, as he once again returned to his brooding mode.

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