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Rogue Phoenix Press Presents: Spiritual Dreams of a Heavenly War by Eddie Georgonicas


Title: Spiritual Dreams of a Heavenly War
Author: Eddie Georgonicas

Genre: Paranormal
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 1

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Tony’s life has had its challenges and Johnny has always been there for him.
Two young men, inseparable and as close as any two best friends could be.
The Angels have been observing them for a long time. There is a plan in the making and they need their help. 

Every rule in Heaven will be broken in order to achieve this ultimate objective. 
And as a result, two young friends will die well before their intended times in order to help the Angelic intent. 
Selfish? Maybe but then again... Heaven gets more than what it bargained for. 
And Heaven is in more trouble that it lets on. The boys will come to see this as they go deep into the land of "fire and brimstone." 
They will come to venture where no Angel dare.


Chapter Seven
The Devil's Playground

The Devil sat on his rock of solitude, the throne to the kingdom of evil. Lucifer was grand in presence, and his rocky throne was fitting to this grandeur.
The seat stood high and tall. It was carved with engravings and scriptures of evil. Over the millennia, this would be the place where the Devil would ponder, plot or devise his cunning plans. Plans to steal a soul, a plan to convert an Angel, attack Heaven or wage wrongfulness on mankind.
The place had many a name but both human and Angel alike, would come to commonly call it Hell.
However, to Lucifer, his kingdom was appropriately referred to as the Devil's Playground.
The dark one was simply at home with his sadistic court of Demons and dark angels.
All around and surrounding the evil emperor, foot soldiers snarled and snickered on the open and dark fields of Hades while dark angels flew above, practicing their aerial attacks and acrobatics. They flapped hard and flew in a diabolical fashion.
The darkest of Demons, the snarls and screeches was their language, understood only by those who served the Devil.
As Lucifer sat on his throne and gazed all around, the beginnings of his next evil plan were about to evolve.

Chapter Eight
A Trip to the Wineries

Tony was growing up fast. He could not wait for his fifteenth birthday. It was only a few short months away. He had it all planned out. What would be ordered, the type of food, the make of cake, the invites, the setup, right down to the specific number of balloons and party accessories.
His father had worked with Tony on the party plans as well as the financials. It wasn't going to be costly, yet it would still have everything it needed to make it a memorable event.
Although there was some truth to the planning of Tony's big day, it provided the ideal decoy for something much more exciting.
Charlie and Tony had another joyous occasion to celebrate. It was hard work hiding the big secret from Mary, but they had managed to do so. Even Pam and Arthur were involved. There was no one else who knew.
Mary woke to a surprise that was to become her birthday present from her son and husband. The only thing to do was to pack their clothes for a short holiday get away.
Charlie and Mary were headed to a bed and breakfast weekend at a winery. It was two hundred and forty kilometers, one hundred and forty nine miles, north of Adelaide, approximately three hours' drive away.
Soon after, Tony was dropped off to his grandparents.
Off they went. There was no rush to get there. The road was long and the scenery a green delight.
The rolling hillsides made a perfect landscape for grape growing. In the region, there was hill after hill filled with grape plantation after plantation. Grapes and vines at various stages of their development. There were one dozen wineries, many farms and a lot of government land in the area.
The public land was untouched by grazing beast or fruit growing farmer. It was simply nature's land with trees, shrubs and green ground cover left to grow free and wild.
To add to the great outdoors, the native and non-native animals roamed the planes. Rabbits, foxes, kangaroos, emus and a large selection of wild birds were amongst the variety of wildlife to do so.
As for wines. What a choice to choose from!
Some cellar doors had a national reputation, their fermented reds and whites competing successfully for medals and recognition. This instantly opened up their ability to be sold around the many states and territories of Australia. Other wineries were considered more boutique style, providing cellar door sales to a small selection of wines. Either way, big or small, you could find something to your liking.
The weekend ahead included travel, picnics, wine tastings, nature walks, cellar door sales and wining and dining in some of the state's best country kitchens.
It was a fun filled three days. Time went so quickly.
Before they knew it, Charlie and Mary were packing again, this time to head home.

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