Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rogue Phoenix Press Presents: Brain Storm

Brain Storm
Edward T. Keller

Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 1

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Twins Alex and Sasha are in the small town of Maple Junction and their summer vacation quickly turns into a summer nightmare. Everyone is being controlled by an unknown sinister force. A primitive sinister force. On the streets it’s back to the Stone Age. Calling for help is not an option. The only allies are a group of small children. The twins can trust no adult, not even their own father, and at times--not even themselves. But someone must stop the madness.

"I bet it's an alien invasion," said Nash, as the car left behind it the last of the town's houses.
"What?" asked Alex without taking his eyes off the wet road.
"I said, I bet it's aliens inside that factory, controlling everyone. They're planning an invasion," clarified Nash earnestly. "Don't you believe in aliens?"
"I do, but..." said Alex doubtfully.
"Well I don't think it's aliens," said Alvin. "Sorry, Nash," he said to the UFO enthusiast beside him.
"Well how do you explain all this crazy stuff then?" demanded Nash.
"I'd say it's a government conspiracy," said Alvin after some thought. "My Dad always reads about government conspiracies, 'cause you can never trust the government."
"That's more like it!" said Alex approvingly, "sound more logical. Must be using some sort of gas or waves or something, to see how they can brainwash folks. What do you think, sis?" he asked Sasha.
"I don't know," she said.
"I think it could be an evil wizard," offered Li-Hua in her quiet, measured voice. "Maybe he was killed hundreds of years ago, but has now returned to seek vengeance."
At this Sasha giggled and said, "Well, then I say it's a vampire overlord, who is trying to make an army of the undead."
"You're all nuts," said Alex shaking his head, and then they were already near the plant again. All banter stopped as the building came into view. Alex cut the engine and everything was silent.
The sky was already dark, and visibility had fallen quite a bit. It wasn't real night yet, but it was already real dusk. The wipers of the car now immobile, rain quickly covered the windshield, blurring the view of the plant's front gate.
"There's a barrier at the gate," said Alex, "we'll have to go on foot."
"Isn't that Carla's car there?" asked Sasha pointing at one of the cars parked in a disorganized manner by the plant's fence.
"Maybe," shrugged Alex, "let's concentrate on what we came here to do."
He turned back to Alvin, Nash and Li-Hua. "Take your guns and pepper sprays from the backpack. Remember, if people come at us - try to scare them away by shooting into the air. If that doesn't work use the pepper sprays. Let's try to not harm anyone if we can help it."
Sasha took her revolver from Alvin, fished her spray out of her pocket and finally took a deep slow breath. "I really hope it's not a vampire overlord," she said with a strained smile and opened her door.

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